Empowering people and building peaceful societies: Cooperation between the EU and UNDP in the Arab States region

02 Oct 2017


The publication showcases results of the many initiatives carried out by the EU and UNDP in the Arab States, impacting the lives of millions of people across the region, including Iraq. It demonstrates how the EU and UNDP are natural partners, sharing the same values and objectives for advancing peace and security, human rights and development. A guiding principle of the partnership is the joint effort to help countries eradicate poverty and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 universal goals to achieve a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future by 2030. 

The following highlights focus on the EU-UNDP partnership work and impact in Iraq.


  • We work with communities in Iraq, Lebanon and Libya to improve stability, using tools such as joint conflict analysis to help prevent conflicts and secure peace
  • In Iraq, the Local Area Development Programme (LADP) helps governorates formulate development strategies that empower women and youth, as well as help spur recovery in communities affected by the military campaign against ISIL
  • Marginalized communities in Iraq are being given a voice through LADP. In Basra, Missan and Karbala, women were better incorporated into local planning efforts
  • Through LADP’s Innovation for Development Initiative, young Iraqi innovators and entrepreneurs were taught strategies to connect with potential partners and funders
  • The partnership-supported Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) has helped restore confidence in government and given populations a sense of progress

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