How does UNDP do business

UNDP Iraq’s procurement unit manages the overall process of acquiring goods, civil works and services, which includes all functions from the identification of needs, selection and solicitation of sources, preparation and award of contract, and all phases of contract administration through the end of a services’ contract. The procurement unit uses a variety of procurement methods for the solicitation and tendering of goods, civil works and/or services, depending on the type of good or service being procured as well as its value. Some of the methods used include:

Request for Quotation

A Request for Quotation (RFQ) is used for the procurement of goods, services and/or civil works where the contract value is between USD 2,500 and USD 100,000. Quotations are evaluated amongst a minimum of three responsive and qualified offers, upon which an award is made to the lowest priced acceptable offer.

Invitation to Bid

An Invitation to Bid (ITB) is generally used for the procurement of goods valued at USD 100,000 or more; or where technical approaches to the relevant project or the management/supervision of a project activity are not requested of prospective Vendors. ITBs may also apply for the procurement of civil works or services, which can be quantitatively and qualitatively expressed. Quotations are evaluated amongst a minimum of three responsive and qualified offers, upon which an award is made to the lowest priced acceptable offer.

Request for Proposals

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is recommended for all contracts exceeding USD 100,000 where the desired inputs and/or outputs cannot quantitatively and qualitatively be expressed in sufficient details at the time the invitation is made. Similarly, proposals are evaluated amongst a minimum of three responsive and qualified offers received in accordance to the two-envelope method, upon which award is made to the proposal that is most responsive to the specified requirements, including price and other factors.

Local Shopping

Shopping is a procurement method based on the comparison of informal price quotes obtained from potential Suppliers to assure best value for money, and is an appropriate method for the procurement of readily available off-the shelf goods or standard specification commodities valued less than USD 2,500, or simple civil works also valued less than USD 2,500.

Procurement Notices

Contracts Awarded in 2016

Contract Number     

Value in US$

Description of Goods/Services

P/AM006/16 155,080.00 Renovation of Main and Dour Primary Health Center
P/AM009/16 323,481.00 Provision of installation of mobile substraction in Tikrit University
P/AM019/16 219,830.00 Renovation of Dour and Shayma schools
P/AM021/16 296,060.00 Renovation of female dorms in Tikrit University
PO/4023/16 931,432.00 Procurement of mobile sub-station 33/1KV
PO/3862/16 691,250.00 Supplying of 50 transformers and electrical materials for Tikrit electricity network
PO/3851/16 171,500.00 Supplying of heavy duty mounted excavator
PO/3866/16 139,500.00 Procurement and supplying of 3 ambulances

Contracts Awarded in 2015

Contract Number     

Value in US$

Description of Goods/Services

P/AM002/15 110,933.68 Provision of Programme Procurement Advisor
P/AM004/15 695,961.00 Rehabilitation of Al Jawadain Primary School, Al Dair in the Majnoon Area of Basra
P/AM014/15 343,325.00 Provision of a Transmission Line Engineer Under LTA001/15
P/AM016/15 335,983.44 Provision of an International Senior Technical Advisor
P/AM021/15 211,000.00 Constructions for new chest clinic in Sheekhan in Dohuk
P/AM028/15 199,990.00 Rehabilitation of medical centre and school in Zummar in Mosul
P/AM030/15 148,058.58 Provision of Legal Assistance services in Karikh Justice Palace in Baghdad
P/AM035/15 106,828.00 Research Consultant (IDRC) for the conduct of post conflict impact assessment on environment in Iraq  
P/AM038/15 147,960.00 Provision of Hotel Accommodation
P/AM039/15 1,210,205.00 Rehabilitation Works for Tikrit Central Water Project
P/AM053/15 235,340.00 Renovation of Pharmacy Department in Tikrit
P/AM057/15 846,795.00 Rehabilitation of Tikrit Qadisiya water station stage I behind Salah al-Din main hospital with 2 units, capacity 200 m2/hr for each unit
P/AM058/15 136,817.00 Construction of second Wing Multipurpose Hall in Kurani Ainkawa
P/AM061/15 171,904.00 Rehabilitation of Ibn Sina health centre in Tikrit
P/AM062/15 230,830.00 Rehabilitation of Sinoni Hospital in Ninewah Governorate
P/AM067/15 157,962.96 Entering into a Professional Contract for provision of Consultancy Services to Support UNDP's Private Sector Development Initiatives in Iraq
P/AM069/15 113,420.00 Rehabilitation of three schools in Tikrit
P/AM070/15 203,041.00 Rehabilitation works for Khadija al-Kubra Girls Secondary School, in Amerli District




Rehabilitation of Tikrit Qadisiya water station stage II behind Salah al-Din University with 3 units, capacity 200 m3/hr for each unit


190,000.00 Procurement of crane vehicle
P/AM079/15 100,275.00 Rehabilitation of 5 health care centres in Tikrit District

Contracts Awarded in 2014

Contract Number     

Value in US$

Description of Goods/Services

P/AM002/14 126,162.40 Civil Engineer
P/AM003/14 185,412.24 Expert in Basra
P/AM005/14 154,900.00 Substation Commissioning Engineer 
P/AM006/14 399,715.25 Construction of a Multipurpose Community Hall in Kurani, Ainkawa, Erbil
P/AM014/14 142,929.80 Vocational Training on Professional Services
P/AM015/14 144,483.00 Purchase of Bectec 960 for NTP
P/AM027/14 185,671.20 Sustainable Livelihood Development and Reporting Consultant 
P/AM028/14 104,960.00 Advanced Technical Training on Use and Operation of Iraq Development Management System
P/AM035/14 2,316,529.00 Development of Integrated Criminal Justice Information System in Iraq
P/AM045/14 128,107.20 Procurement Specialist (Commercial)
P/AM048/14 126,627.00 Community Development Poverty Reduction Specialist
P/AM049/14 298,000.00 English Language Training
P/AM051/14 269.440.00 Capacity Development Programme on behalf Japanese ODA Loan to Iraq
P/AM062/14 214,067.00 International Training Manager



169,440.00 International Equipment Expert
P/AM064/14 223,000.00 International Training Expert
P/AM069/14 383,059.50 Mobilization and Management of Southern Iraq - Implementation Team
P/AM091/14 299,390.00 Health and Safety Training
P/AM092/14 113,434.24 Legislation Expert
P/AM093/14 808,932.00 Construction of Four Mini-grounds in Basra
P/AM101/14 103,000.00 Asset Recovery Consultant
P/AM105/14 189,770.00 Construction of Sulaimaniyah TB Clinic
P/AM106/14 29,304.00 Project Operations Associate
P/AM107/14 172,161.00 Security Services for Basra Project Office, Iraq