Drought Risk Management

Project Summary

iraq watersSouthern Iraq is often disproportionately affected by drought. Photo by UNDP Iraq/2012

Drought has far-reaching consequences on Iraq’s environment, economy and social structure. Given its frequency, area of effect, and impact on the lives of people, it is considered a natural disaster requiring immediate attention and mitigation.

This project helps develop a national plan to guide Iraq’s response to managing the risk of drought.

What have we achieved so far?

  • Formation of Steering Committees: the primary platform for discussing and mainstreaming drought-related issues.
  • Selection of a Task Force from a pool of Iraqi experts to build consensus and follow-up on issues highlighted by the Steering Committees.
  • Assignment of a National Senior Field Coordinator, responsible for coordinating with all relevant Iraqi ministries and institutions.

Funding information

This project does not receive external donor financing, and is funded entirely by core UN resources.

Partner Agency              
Amount in US$
UNDP 264,883
FAO 140,000


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