Our Projects

Poverty Reduction

  • UNDP-Shell Partnership UNDP-Shell PartnershipUNDP, through its Iraq Inclusive Growth an Private Sector Development (IGPSD) cluster, entered into a partnership with Shell Iraq in a bid to meet the needs of the Iraqi people, in line with the United Nations Development Assistant Framework (UNDAF) to the Government of Iraq (GoI).

  • Reconstruction of the Kurdistan Region's Electricity SectorReconstruction of the Kurdistan Region's Electricity SectorThis project aims to enhance the outreach and reliability of the electricity network in Iraq's Kurdistan Region by upgrading transmission and distribution systems.

  • Private Sector Development Programme in IraqPrivate Sector Development Programme in IraqThe Private Sector Development Programme for Iraq (PSDP-I) seeks to create and enable an effective framework for private sector development across Iraq. The programme addresses national and local needs, with activities in three priority governorates, Basrah, Anbar and Erbil.

Democratic Governance

  • Support to national tuberculosis control programmesSupport to national tuberculosis control programmesUNDP Iraq helps increase social equity across Iraq for tuberculosis patients and provide services for all, free of charge. Despite the low prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Iraq, this project supports the national programme to develop a five year strategic plan to combat HIV/AIDS.

  • Empowering Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in IraqEmpowering Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in IraqThrough this project, UNDP supports CSOs to effectively monitor Government’s compliance with due process and transparency via the creation of CSOs Consortia.

  • Iraq Human Development Report 2014Iraq Human Development Report 2014The Iraq National Human Development Report 2014 assesses development changes in Iraq since 2008, and focuses on youth concluding that education and employment for the Iraqi youth are at alarming levels.

  • Support to the Independent High Electoral CommissionSupport to the Independent High Electoral CommissionUNDP supports Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission to become a sustainable government structure able to carry out its constitutional mandate fully, independently, efficiently, transparently and accountably, in line with international professional standards.

Crisis Prevention and Recovery

  • Iraq Crisis Response and Resilience ProgrammeIraq Crisis Response and Resilience ProgrammeIraq faces a large-scale humanitarian crisis. UNDP leads the UN support to employment and income generation through local NGO partners, so that people are able to take care of themselves and become less dependent on handouts.

  • Drought Risk ManagementDrought Risk ManagementGiven the frequency of drought in Iraq, its area of effect, and impact on people's lives, it is considered a natural disaster requiring immediate attention and mitigation. This project helps develop a national plan to help Iraq manage the risk of drought.

  • Umm Qasr Sustainable Navigational AidsUmm Qasr Sustainable Navigational AidsOver 25 years the level of maritime traffic in Iraq has significantly declined, and a lack of visual navigation aids have restricted the full recovery of the industry. This project enhances visual navigation aids at Iraq's southern port to meet international standards.

Women's Empowerment

  • Family Support, Justice, and SecurityThe project enhances the capacity of formal and informal institutions to establish family protection systems and facilitate law enforcement and access to justice for the victims of violence. It aims to create mechanisms to empower victims, target groups and communities as well as a system that assists reintegration of victims back into the communities.