Private Sector Development Programme


electrics-shopsAn Iraqi electrician works in his shop. Photo by UNDP Iraq 2012

The Private Sector Development Programme for Iraq (PSDP-I) seeks to create and enable an effective framework for private sector development across Iraq. The programme addresses national and local needs, with activities in three priority governorates, Basrah, Anbar and Erbil. 

The programme supports the government in achieving:

  1. Sustainable and increased employment opportunities;
  2. Poverty reduction;
  3. Enhancement of the legal and regulatory framework for increased and sustained domestic and international investment;
  4. Development of a legal and regulatory framework for an overall rational, coherent, and economic environment; and
  5. Diversified future economic growth in Iraq in a gender inclusive and environmentally sustainable manner.

This programme seeks to benefit the 1.2 million citizens across Iraq's Kurdistan Region.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Establishment of a Task Force for Economic Reforms and its seven Working Groups
  • Roadmap and strategies for restructuring State Owned Enterprises
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Development Policy, including legal and institutional frameworks for a dedicated SME agency
  • Investment policy that includes an Iraq Industrial Strategy
  • Land management reform
  • Gender mainstreaming in private sector legislation and policy
  • Local economic planning and pilot projects for economic revitalization were implemented in Basrah, Anbar and Erbil
  • Lauched the UN Global Compact (UN GC) Iraq Network to advance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR
  • As an extended result of PSDP-I, UNDP and Shell signed an agreement in 2012 to implement a wide range local-centered development projects in Southern Iraq

Funding information

Donor Amount
UNDG Iraq Trust Fund US$ 32,870,000



To date, this programme has delivered US$ 30,000,000.

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