Family Support, Justice, and Security

Project Summary

UNDP seeks to help develop a strategy to ensure victims of domestic and gender based violence (GBV) are offered refuge, reintegration and access to justice. This project provides technical and advisory support to victims, with extensive capacity building for government and non-governmental groups.

The project enhances the capacity of formal and informal institutions to establish family protection systems and facilitate law enforcement and access to justice for the victims of violence. It aims to create mechanisms to empower victims, target groups and communities as well as a system that assists reintegration of victims back into the communities.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Provided technical advisory support to the drafting, enactment and adoption of the Domestic Violence Law in the Kurdistan Region.
  • Provided expert support for the drafting of the Domestic Violence Bill in Baghdad.
  • Law enforcement officers working in the Family Protection Units are receiving training to enhance their capacity and skills when dealing with gender based violence cases.
  • Supported the development of a three year action-plan for the Family Protection Units in Kurdistan. Support is ongoing to develop a strategy and action plan for Family Protection Units in Baghdad.
  • Supported the development of a Shelter policy strategy in Kurdistan and Baghdad and secured the endorsement of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to establish a Shelter Technical working group that will draft shelter strategy at the federal level.

Funding information

Donor Amount
UNDAF Iraq Trust Fund US$ 3,967,880



As of 2012, this project has delivered US$ 2.6 million.

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