As Iraqi authorities began retaking control of cities and towns, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was specifically requested by the Government to help stabilize these areas. In responding to this emerging and urgent need, UNDP established the Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilization (FFIS) in June 2015. Starting with an initial capitalization of US$7 million, the Facility has received more than $400 million from 23 donors. Building on the success of the first channel, a second stabilization channel, the Funding Facility for Expanded Stabilization (FFES) was established in April 2016, capitalized at $100 million. More than 800 projects are now underway.More


Water pipes are replaced in the city of Ramadi with support from UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization. Photo: UNDP Iraq/2017More

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Iraq After ISIL: Repairing Homes, Rebuilding Communities
Iraq After ISIL: Repairing Homes, Rebuilding Communities

During the battle to liberate Iraq from ISIL, millions of people fled their homes. When they returned, many found their homes damaged or destroyed. UNDP is working to repair thousands of homes across Iraq and breathe life back into the neighbourhoods that need it most.More 

Khadar, Dunnia and their grandson Khadar pose for a picture in their rose garden. © UNDP Iraq | Claire Thomas
A long journey home

In Iraq’s Ninewa plains, UNDP is rehabilitating 2,100 houses destroyed during the ISIL conflict. Six families share their stories about returning home.More 


Restoring electricity in Mosul. Photo: UNDP Iraq/2017
Stabilization in Mosul: 300 projects underway and 10,000 people put to work

Three years of ISIL occupation and fierce fighting to retake the Mosul caused widespread destruction. In 10 months, nearly one million Iraqis fled the city. 700,000more 

Iraqi workers prepare to connect an electric line across the Tigris river to provide power to a key water treatment plant in West Mosul. Photo: Lindsay Mackenzie/UNDP Iraq/2017
Powering West Mosul's water plants

  By Hugo de Vries, Stabilization Specialist, UNDP Iraq. Mosul was one of the last major holdouts in Iraq of the Islamic State of Iraq andmore 

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UNDP is rehabilitating Tikrit Teaching Hospital and improving access to healthcare for millions of Iraqis in areas that were under ISIL control.

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