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UNDP Iraq helps to enable Iraq's policy and frameworks for rapid economic recovery, inclusive and diversified growth and private sector development. This provides the conditions in which livelihoods can be rebuilt and the social fabric repaired.

Increased oil production is one part of this equation and will help revenues, but will do little to create jobs and reduce unemployment in Iraq. The growing private sector requires creating the necessary institutional foundations to facilitate and promote investment and markets, provide pressure points for reform and facilitate the development of key building blocks of the financial sector.

UNDP's Country Programme Action Plan will explore the links between private sector development, local economic growth and decentralized planning and implementation processes. At the macro level support focuses primarily on legislative revisions, state-owned enterprise restructuring, small and medium enterprise development, investment and tax policies and land reform. At the downstream level, micro-credit lending plans will be developed to help stimulate markets and provide credit to local businesses.

The National Report for Sustainable Development in Iraq

The national report to the Rio+20 Conference reviews the sincere efforts Iraq is making to restore the environmental basic structures damaged through decades of war, economic snactions, occupation and the deteriorating security situation.

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