Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) for Iraq

Kawergost camp, ErbilKawergost camp for Syrian refugees in Erbil, Kurdistan ©Malak Masri/UNDP

Entitled Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP), the humanitarian response to the Syrian refugees crisis aims to ensure protection and access to basic social services, whilst fostering social cohesion and sustainable livelihoods amongst refugees and communities hosting them. 

The 3RP is a regional effort including Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey that will be jointly launched by the UNCHR and UNDP in Berlin on 18 December 2014. It covers eight sectors: protection, food security, health, water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), shelter, education, basic needs, social cohesion and livelihoods.

Throughout all sectors, protection and gender mainstreaming aims at promoting non-discriminatory access of refugees to protection and assistance programmes, delivering assistance in safety and with dignity, engaging refugees and communities for their own protection and adhering to the ‘do no harm’ principle with an emphasis on women, girls, boys and men. 

The resilience approach is pivotal to lessen dependence on aid and help those who fled their homes rebuild their lives. Increased attention to livelihoods, self-sustainability and public works for the mutual benefit of refugees and impacted communities is a key 3RP component.

To mitigate potential tensions, the 3RP will promote social cohesion initiatives, in particular by strengthening dialogue and inclusion between host communities and refugees with a particular focus on youth, women and people with special needs.

Conducted by the end of 2014, needs assessments will inform specific interventions in Iraq:

  • Two multi-sector needs assessments
  • A livelihoods assessment
  • A needs assessment for Syrian refugees with disabilities 

Further periodic assessments will be conducted during 2015, for instance economic and labor market surveys, in order to design livelihoods interventions.

The Iraqi government and the authorities of the Kurdistan Region have led the development of the 3RP for Iraq together with the United Nations, national and international NGOs, the donor community, as well as representatives of refugees and host communities.

In addition to hosting 250,000 Syrian refugees, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is faced by the influx of half of the 2 million internally displaced Iraqi since early 2014. This has caused additional pressure on basic services' delivery and employment for all impacted populations.

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