Crisis Prevention & Recovery

UNDP is focused on promoting pro-poor and inclusive growth and private sector development. Inclusive growth is also essential for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Iraq is confronted with many environmental challenges, and UNDP helps Iraqis to address these challenges at the national and community levels, seeking out and sharing best practices, providing innovative policy advice and linking partners through pilot projects. Through our work we are also helping to strengthen Iraq’s capacity to manage its environment and natural resources in a sustainable manner to help support poverty reduction efforts.

Our Goals

UNDP helps enable policy and frameworks for a rapid economic recovery, inclusive and diversified growth and private sector development. more

Mine Action

Khalij Al Arab Company team clears the oil-rich Safwa area from mines, Southern Iraq, 2011.

Our Stories

  • KORD provided Maryam’s husband with a small motorbike to transport goods and people and sell vegetable and fruits. Photo by UNDP Iraq 2012

    Dignity Restored - Maryam's Story

    Maryam lives with her husband and two children in a small and dilapidated house in Penjwen.  She was injured by an unexploded ordnance in 1982.  more

Projects and Initiatives

Drought Risk Management

Given the frequency of drought in Iraq, its area of effect, and impact on people's lives, it is considered a natural disaster requiring immediate attention and mitigation. This project helps develop a national plan to help Iraq manage the risk of drought. more


Umm Qasr Sustainable Navigational Aids

Over 25 years the level of maritime traffic in Iraq has significantly declined, and a lack of visual navigation aids have restricted the full recovery of the industry. This project enhances visual navigation aids at Iraq's southern port to meet international standards. more

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