Crisis Prevention & Recovery


Iraq is faced with an escalating and complex humanitarian crisis, which is one of the largest in the world, with over 1.8 million Iraqis displaced by violence since January 2014. The displaced populations are now over 1,500 sites across the country, in addition to the 215,000 Syrian being hosted in Iraq. Iraqi families, communities and authorities have given shelter and protection to tens of thousands of men, women and children that have fled their homes due to the conflict. The Kurdistan Region is now hosting more than half of the newly displaced Iraqis nationwide. Minority communities, children women and the elderly are especially vulnerable. Children make up almost half of the displaced in northern Iraq. More

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UNDP helps achieve an early recovery and rapid return to sustainable development pathways in post-conflict and post-disaster settingsmore

Displaced by hundred thousands

Baharka camp in Erbil, Kurdistan ©Iason Athanasiadis/UN

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Drought Risk Management

Given the frequency of drought in Iraq, its area of effect, and impact on people's lives, it is considered a natural disaster requiring immediate attention and mitigation. This project helps develop a national plan to help Iraq manage the risk of drought. more


Umm Qasr Sustainable Navigational Aids

Over 25 years the level of maritime traffic in Iraq has significantly declined, and a lack of visual navigation aids have restricted the full recovery of the industry. This project enhances visual navigation aids at Iraq's southern port to meet international standards. more

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