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The following three areas are the main priorities for UNDP's Democratic Governance Portfolio:

Fostering Inclusive Participation and Reconcilation

UNDP will continue to assist the GoI and civil society to ensure strengthened participatory mechanisms are in place for long term electoral processes, national dialogue and reconciliation. The outcome and related outputs are designed to support the efforts of the Government to enhance the participation of all citizens in policy dialogues and legislative decision-making processes which take into account national and sub-national diversity.

UNDP will support the GoI to develop the capacity of the Independent High Electoral Commission. The continued conduct of fair and transparent elections will form one of the flagship activities in pursuit of this outcome. National public awareness campaigns explaining the electoral process, support for the promotion of an independent media and the empowering of civil society organizations to participate in the democratic process form a key component of the Country Programme Action Plan.

The Iraqi Parliament, the Council of Representatives (CoR) will continue to receive support from UNDP to strengthen its oversight, administrative and research capabilities. This is intended to improve its representation and law-making skills and its role in national dialogue and reconciliation efforts. Special efforts will also be made to empower the voice of women parliamentarians.

Initiatives aimed at strengthening mechanisms to support intergovernmental dialogue on planning and financing at the national and sub-national levels will be undertaken so that local councils and governors’ offices can more effectively respond to local needs and in particular, the most vulnerable groups.

Strengthening Accountable and Responsive Governing Institutions

UNDP will provide capacity development support across the Rule of Law sector to enhance the legal and operational Rule of Law framework for administration and access to justice, utilising a human-rights based approach emphasising the responsibilities of duty bearers and rights holders and covering both victims and offenders. UNDP will continue to work with Government counterparts to develop a holistic approach that supports the legislative and social commitment to combat violence against women and
children in Iraq.

Efforts will continue to promote an increasingly effective, efficient and affordable security sector, UNDP will provide technical assistance for a national security sector review.

UNDP will undertake focused initiatives on supporting women, youth, persons with disabilities, internally displaced persons and other vulnerable groups to work towards their inclusion and meaningful participation in the Iraqi society.

Grounding Democratic Governance in International Principles

The proposed outcome in this area is strengthened regulatory frameworks, institutions and processes in place for accountable, transparent and participatory governance at the national and local levels. This aims to enhance the accountability and response of public sector institutions, which is a critical element to bolster democratic governance.

UNDP’s efforts will continue to focus on strengthening local governance capacities to ensure the delivery of high quality basic services, while at the same time enhancing institutional capabilities for a more efficient, responsive, transparent and accountable public administration at the national and subnational levels.

UNDP will continue to support the implementation of Iraq’s National Anti-Corruption Strategy. In line with the Government’s National Development Plan and the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, UNDP will support the Government to plan, coordinate and monitor the outcomes of international aid and domestic investments.

UNDP and WHO are key partners with the Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. During the CPAP period, UNDP will help support the Government’s efforts to address tuberculosis through improved financial accountability, timely procurement of medical and other supplies and efficient monitoring and oversight of grants.

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