What We Do

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been present in Iraq since 1976. Since 2003, it has worked to support the Government and people of Iraq in their transition towards reconciliation, peace and stability.  UNDP has also been supporting emergency physical rehabilitation projects in addition to improving the quality of basic service delivery, including health, water and electricity.

More recently, UNDP has contributed to strengthening the democratic process in Iraq through its support to the 2010 national Parliamentary elections and the 2013 provincial elections. UNDP continues to work with Iraq in the areas of anti-corruption, rule of law, justice, human rights, public sector reform, private sector development, inclusive area-based planning, mine action, disaster risk reduction, and environment and climate change. UNDP has also made helping Iraq to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the 2015 deadline a top priority, especially in the areas of primary education, employment and access to safe and reliable water and sanitation services.

Our Goals

The current programme priorities for UNDP Iraq are in Poverty Reduction, Democratic Governance, Crisis Prevention & Recovery and Women's Empowerment. These include the following:

•    Fostering Inclusive Participation. Government of Iraq and civil society have strengthened participatory mechanisms for electoral processes, national dialogue and reconciliation.

•    Strengthening Accountable and Responsive Governing Institutions. Enhanced rule of law, protection and respect for humanrights in line with international standards.

•    Grounding Democratic Governance in International Principles. Strengthened regulatory frameworks, institutions and processes in place for accountable, transparent and participatory governance at national and local levels.

•    Promoting Inclusive Growth, Gender Equality, Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaptation and MDG Achievement. Government of Iraq has the institutional framework to develop and implement MDG-based pro-poor, equitable and inclusive socio-economic and environmental policies and strategies.

•    Restoring the Foundations for Development.

•    Enabling policy and frameworks for rapid economic recovery, inclusive and diversified growth and private sector development.

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