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UNDP Iraq seeks to help ensure the Government of Iraq has the necessary institutional framework to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in line with pro-poor, equitable and inclusive socioeconomic and environmental policies and strategies. UNDP supports Iraq in accelerating inclusive growth to ensure equitable, broad-based human development is attained by all citizens in Iraq. The Country Programme Action Plan is designed to strengthen national structures and processes to systematically track and review progress towards the MDGs by collecting and analysing data disaggregated by gender, age and location.

UNDP will expand its capacity development support to local area-based development to enhance local participation, accountability and transparency in adapting planning and delivery of services that better reflect the needs of Iraqi people on the ground.

Iraq’s natural environment is under serious threat that will lead to an irreversible process of degradation if development efforts continue without environmental and social consideration. Iraq therefore, needs to significantly strengthen its institutional response to environmental issues and climate change through improved policy and legislation, investment in the environment sector and monitoring and enforcement systems.

The Expanded Humanitarian Response Fund Brochure

The Expanded Humanitarian Response Fund is a four year programme that started in 2009. It is funded through the Iraq Trust Fund.

The programme is a granting scheme modality that executes projects through national and international NGOs, aiming to respond to humanitarian and unmet needs as a result of geographic, sectoral and funding gaps in humanitarian response and/or government capacity

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