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Based on the framework provided under international treaties, the United Nations Development Programme  (UNDP), in collaboration with the Government of Iraq, carefully designs its programmes to be gender-sensitive. In line with UNDP’s corporate Gender Equality Strategy and the eight point-agenda which articulates a strong corporate commitment to improving the situation of women affected by conflicts and disasters, UNDP programmes:

1. Incorporate gender outputs from the early stages of project development

2. Actively encourage female participation in programme and project development and implementation

3. Ensure gender-responsive recovery processes that promote equal opportunities and choices for women

4. Develop capacities for social transformation

To support the Government of Iraq and civil society in their commitment to address gender disparity in Iraq, UNDP Iraq has undertaken a two pronged approach:

A. Ensure all programmes and projects are informed by UNDP’s global mandate for gender equality as stipulated in the Country Programme in Democratic Governance, Rule of Law, Poverty Alleviation and Crisis Prevention. A multi-disciplinary team, which includes a gender advisor, undertakes a substantial review at the onset of the development of a programme to ensure the integration of high level gender outputs.

B. Develop programmes that instigate special measures to address gender priority issues. The Gender Programme reinforces the work of UNDP Iraq by pioneering sustainable catalytic programmes in partnership with Iraqi stakeholders. These programmes are targeted with training designed to build capacity and bolster the expertise of Iraqi counterparts on gender issues and spread best practices to UNDP Iraq programmes.

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