Our Stories

  • Easy and Affordable Counsel

    Many Iraqis confronting the judicial system do not have either the legal knowledge on how to defend or enforce their rights nor have the financial means to afford counsel. Eliza, a 14 year old Iraqi Kurdish girl fell in love with the neighbours’ son and became pregnant.

  • Equality Means Business

    A number of remarkable Iraqi women entrepreneurs who managed to break social barriers and venture with successful small businesses came together to share the challenges they faced and how they overcame to become an integral part of the Iraqi economy.

  • Getting Back on Track: A small cake factory provides skills training and an economic lifeline for displaced Yazidi women

    The Dost Bakery, a small cake factory, was established in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in the autumn of 2015. Dost means “friend” in Kurdish, and the bakery is indeed run by ten friends, all women and most of them displaced members of the Yazidi minority, now living in and around the Sharia Camp near the city of Dohuk.

  • My Voice Counts: Women at the Electoral Commission

    Casting a vote in the ballot box is among the most important gestures that a citizen of voting age can make in a democratic country. Nawal Hussein speaks to UNDP about the important work taking place in Iraq's Electoral Commission.

  • UNDP turns 50: Storytelling contest launched in Iraq to boost development coverage
    Feb 21, 2016

    As the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) celebrates its 50th anniversary this month, the Country Office in Iraq launched today a storytelling contest, #DevStories, with the objective of raising public awareness on development challenges the country is facing and the tangible impact of UNDP’s work.