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  • 19 Sep 2013
    Equity, equality, justice and inclusiveness agreed as principles of new Kurdistan Region Human Rights Board

    32 members of the Kurdistan Region Independent Board for Human Rights from Duhok, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah met from 16-19 September 2013 in Erbil to discuss the vision of the Board and the way forward. Their objective was to develop a jointly agreed vision, outline the Kurdistan Region’s human rights priorities, and enhance the understanding of international standards and operating frameworks of National Human Rights Institutions.

  • 02 Sep 2013
    Nurturing Youth Leadership in Iraq

    70 young people attended a UNDP organized Youth Training Camp at the American University in Sulaymaniyah from 18 to 24 August, from nearly one thousand expressions of interest. This event represents a continuation of UNDP’s efforts to empower youth in terms of their participation in Iraq’s political future.

  • 26 Aug 2013
    Providing free legal assistance for southern Iraq’s most vulnerable

    Vulnerable groups in southern Iraq will soon be able to access free legal services directly from the Basrah Justice Palace. “By establishing a legal help desk directly inside the Basrah Justice Palace, we are minimising the time and money spent by vulnerable groups to seek legal assistance,” said Rini Reza, chief of the UN Development Programme’s democratic governance unit in Iraq.

  • 11 Jul 2013
    Protecting and Promoting Women’s Rights

    Many women in Iraq are economically, socially and politically marginalised. In an effort to help address the obstacles facing the empowerment of Iraqi women, UNDP facilitated a meeting of key gender stakeholders and specialists to finalise a new bill that will establish a High Commission of Gender Fairness in Iraq.

  • 10 Jul 2013
    Decentralising Power in Iraq

    In a move to decentralise governance in Iraq, the Council of Representatives has passed an amended Provincial Powers Act that will drastically redefine the mandate of local governments. The adoption of the act represents a significant step towards a decentralised Federal system.

  • 25 Jun 2013
    Launch of an Environment Strategy for Iraq

    Iraq is blessed with an abundance of natural resources including oil, gas and agricultural lands. Despite this, urgent measures are needed to control pollution and curb desertification and droughts that threaten their existence.

  • 19 Jun 2013
    Study on Corruption and Integrity in Iraq’s Public Sector Released

    Iraq’s Commission of Integrity, with the support of the Central Statistics Office, has launched findings from its study on corruption and integrity in the country’s public sector.

  • 07 Jun 2013
    Advocating for Iraq's Environmental Protection

    The United Nations participated today in a national event to mark World Environment Day, where it renewed its commitment and support to the Government of Iraq in its efforts to preserve the environment and respond to climate change in Iraq.

  • 05 Jun 2013
    Helping 6 million Iraqis vulnerable to food insecurity

    On World Environment Day, the United Nations is highlighting the importance of sustainable environmental management to ensure food security. Nearly 6 million Iraqis face food deprivation and vulnerability.

  • 27 May 2013
    Launch of Iraq’s First Anti-Corruption Curricula for Primary and Secondary Schools

    The Ministry of Education has today launched new curricula for both primary and secondary schools in Iraq. The aim is to raise awareness and understanding of the concepts of integrity, transparency, human rights and honesty.

  • 16 May 2013
    Ensuring their Voices are Heard – The Struggle of Female Parliamentarians

    Despite Iraq’s successful fulfillment of its constitutional mandate to allocate 25 percent of all parliamentary seats to women, they remain underrepresented in the higher levels of the public sector and government.

  • 13 May 2013
    Iraqis Look to the Future: The Post-2015 Development Agenda

    With only two years remaining before the deadline of the Millennium Declaration Goals (MDGs), the UN is consulting with a wide range of Iraqi civil society, persons living with disabilities, academia, women and youth groups to add their voices to the global conversation on what issues the international community should prioritise beyond 2015.

  • 01 May 2013
    UNDP Provides Grants to Iraqi Civil Society Organisations

    UNDP has signed grant agreements with eight Civil Society Organization (CSO) consortia in Iraq, representing 31 local CSOs across the country. The CSOs will be supported by UNDP to carry out initiatives that help promote human rights, anti-corruption and adequate service delivery in Iraq.

  • 04 Apr 2013
    More progress required to eliminate threat of landmines to Iraqis

    Iraq continues to be one of the most contaminated countries in the world with landmines and unexploded ordinance. Today, on the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, the United Nations calls for more progress to eliminate the threat of landmines to Iraqis.

  • 22 Jan 2013
    Strengthening Ties with the Kurdish Parliament to Boost Public Sector Modernization

    UNDP’s Iraq Public Sector Modernisation (I-PSM) Programme works to reform Iraq’s essential services in education, health, water and sanitation. As Phase Two of the programme begins, UNDP met with the President of the Kurdistan Region’s Parliament, Dr. Arsalan Baiz, as well as other members of government to reaffirm mutual commitments to the programme’s objectives.

  • 10 Jan 2013
    JICA and UNDP Sign Partnership Agreement to Accelerate Economic Recovery in Iraq

    The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and UNDP have signed a new agreement to strengthen their partnership and accelerate the implementation of infrastructure and economic development projects in Iraq. The focus of the partnership will be in key sectors such as electricity, water and sanitation, oil, irrigation, transportation and industry.

  • 04 Dec 2012
    UNDP Administrator Visits Baghdad to Reinforce Partnership and Cooperation with Iraq

    Ms. Helen Clark, the Administrator of UNDP and the Chair of the United Nations Development Group concluded a three day visit to Baghdad. “I came to Baghdad to give support and visibility to the work that UNDP and the UN Country Team do in Iraq.” said Ms.Clark. “I’m really quite impressed with the broad UNDP programme here in Iraq across all the elements of our mandate” she added.

  • 09 Oct 2012
    Women’s Economic Empowerment Conference held in Baghdad

    Under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Rowsch Shaways and in cooperation with UNDP Iraq, the first ever Women’s Economic Empowerment Conference was held in Baghdad on 7-8 October under the slogan “Equality Means Business”. The conference was organized with support from UN Women, ILO and IOM.

  • 25 Sep 2012
    Famous Iraqi Musician Returns to Baghdad for Peace Concert

    The world famous Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma performed at the Baghdad national theatre for the first time in 20 years at a concert to celebrate International Peace Day in Iraq.

  • 26 Jul 2012
    More Electricity for Iraq as UNDP Completes Rehabilitation Works at Al-Mussaib Power Station

    UNDP Iraq recently visited the Al-Mussaib power station to commemorate the completion of rehabilitation works on one of the station’s units. The works will now ensure a stable supply of 200 MW of electricity. “The project has been completed just in time to meet the peak of summer demand,” said a relieved Engineer Raheem of the Ministry of Electricity who managed this rehabilitation project which was financed by the United Nations Iraq Trust Fund through a generous contribution by the Government of Japan.