• Women engineering hope as Mosul rebuilds Mar 8, 2018

    During the battle for Mosul with ISIL, much of Mosul’s basic infrastructure and services were destroyed, and almost 1 million Moslawis were displaced. Upon returning to their communities, Iraqis have found burned buildings, collapsed roofs, smashed windows, broken doors, walls pierced with bullet holes.

  • My experience with UNDP: An integrated approach to meet the aspirations of citizens Oct 31, 2017

    By Hoshyar Abdullah, Member of Iraq’s Council of Representative, Parliamentary Security and Defence Committee- As a member of Iraq’s Council of Representatives (CoR) and the Parliamentary Security and Defence Committee for the past three years, I participated in numerous workshops, trainings and discussions organized by national and international organizations. Amongst these, the most significant and beneficial were those organized by UNDP, owing to its integrated approach and relevant topics related to Iraq’s present and future.

  • Powering West Mosul’s water plants Aug 15, 2017

    Mosul was one of the last major holdouts in Iraq of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), who took control of the city in mid-2014. The military campaign to liberate the city started in October 2016 and continued for ten months. Nearly one million civilians were evacuated during one of the largest managed evacuations in modern history.

  • What's needed to help Mosul recover? UNDP Iraq's Lise Grande explains Jul 20, 2017

    Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), and UNDP Resident Representative in Iraq, Ms. Lise Grande, gave the below interview to The Fiscal Times in response to a query on the scale of rebuilding needed to bring Mosul back to life.

  • Rebuilding lives and neighbourhoods after conflict Jun 28, 2017

    The fall of Mosul to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in 2014 and the group’s quick advance across nearly one third of the country plunged Iraq into a deep political, social and security crisis. Almost 5 million Iraqis have fled their homes to safer areas in the country.

  • Lessons from a year of post-ISIL stabilization in Iraq Mar 7, 2017

    In Mosul a battle is raging to take back the city from ISIL. As the fighting ends, essential work is ramping up to make sure that people who have been displaced by occupation and war can return to their homes as fast as possible - and stay there.

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