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UNDP support to Iraqi Government to draft the first Voluntary National Reviews

The United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with the Ministry of Planning, organized a training workshop to review and discuss the current and prospective process of preparation of the…  

Women engineering hope as Mosul rebuilds

During the battle for Mosul with ISIL, much of Mosul’s basic infrastructure and services were destroyed, and almost 1 million Moslawis were displaced. Upon returning to their communities, Iraqis have…  

My experience with UNDP: An integrated approach to meet the aspirations of citizens

By Hoshyar Abdullah, Member of Iraq’s Council of Representative, Parliamentary Security and Defence Committee- As a member of Iraq’s Council of Representatives (CoR) and the Parliamentary Security and…  

Stabilization in Mosul: 300 projects underway and 10,000 people put to work

Three years of ISIL occupation and fierce fighting to retake the Mosul caused widespread destruction. In 10 months, nearly one million Iraqis fled the city. 700,000 are still displaced. Mosul is one…  

Powering West Mosul’s water plants

Mosul was one of the last major holdouts in Iraq of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), who took control of the city in mid-2014. The military campaign to liberate the city started in…  

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