First Disaster Risk Reduction Law Drafted

24 Oct 2012

imagePhoto by: Girma Bekele, UNDP Iraq 2012

With support from UNDP Iraq, the Government of Iraq drafted the first version of The National Disaster Risk Reduction Law, currently under consideration by the Council of Ministers.

This UNDP initiative helped Iraqi officials to identify the full range of natural disasters facing Iraq including floods, droughts, desertification, disease outbreaks and earthquakes.

The law provides a comprehensive and coordinated approach to address the impacts and consequences of natural disasters through early warning, preparedness and real time action plans.

The institutional mechanisms that support this approach include a multi-sectoral National Disaster Committee chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction with a network of institutions across the country.

UNDP Iraq and the UNDP Regional Centre have worked closely with the Government to draft the Disaster Risk Reduction law during a series of meeting with Government senior officials that took place in Erbil.

The Disaster Risk Reduction project is a joint effort between UNDP and the Government of Iraq in response to the 2005 – 2015 Hyogo Framework of Action.

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