Strengthening Ties with the Kurdish Parliament to Boost Public Sector Modernization

Jan 22, 2013

Photo: Erbil, 2012. UNDP Iraq

UNDP’s Iraq Public Sector Modernisation (I-PSM) Programme works to reform Iraq’s essential services in education, health, water and sanitation. As Phase Two of the programme begins, UNDP met with the President of the Kurdistan Region’s Parliament, Dr. Arsalan Baiz, as well as other members of government to reaffirm mutual commitments to the programme’s objectives.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the potential involvement of the Kurdistan Region’s Parliament in this second phase.

During the meeting, UNDP emphasized the important role of the Kurdistan Region’s Parliament and in particular the key oversight role it could play in future interventions.

President Dr. Arsalan Baiz welcomed the proposed initiative, confirming its importance in the development of essential services in the Kurdistan Region. He expressed his readiness to actively engage the Parliament in the programme, particularly through the Kurdistan Region’s Public Sector Modernisation Steering Committee and by establishing a dedicated Public Administration Committee within Parliament.


Chris Politis, Iraq Public Sector Modernisation Programme Manager.

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