Protecting and Promoting Women’s Rights

Jul 11, 2013

Many women in Iraq are economically, socially and politically marginalised. In an effort to help address the obstacles facing the empowerment of Iraqi women, UNDP facilitated a meeting of key gender stakeholders and specialists to finalise a new bill that will establish a High Commission of Gender Fairness in Iraq. The bill was drafted earlier this year by the Women’s Committee with technical assistance provided by UNDP.

The meeting was an opportunity to hear the voices of key gender stakeholders in Iraq, and support discussions to ensure a more effective and comprehensive bill is submitted to Parliament. Important legal modifications were made that will increase its chances of being approved before the end of 2013.

The High Commission on Gender Fairness is envisioned to act as a national watchdog for Iraq’s implementation of gender equality in all spheres. Specifically, it will have the mandate to ensure the protection and promotion of respect for gender equality in Iraq, protect the rights and freedoms stipulated in the constitution, international laws, treaties and conventions ratified by Iraq, strengthen, promote and develop gender equality principles and culture and promote, and monitor and report on the implementation of government priorities related to the advancement of gender equality.

Ten Members of Parliament attended the meeting, including four men and six women from the Legal and Women’s Committees, as well as the Gender Advisors of the Prime Minister’s and the Speaker’s Offices.

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