Building the Capacity of Iraq's Family Protection Units

Sep 26, 2013

Photo by UNDP Iraq 2012

Family Protection Units at Iraq’s federal and regional levels continue to play a major role as effective Government reporting mechanisms for domestic and gender-based violence in Iraq. In addition to increasing the number of reported cases, UNDP is intensifying its support to this important institution through a series of training sessions on investigations, forensics, and interview techniques.

A two-week training of trainers on management skills was organised on 15 September targeting 11 managers of Family Protection Units from all 18 Iraqi governorates. This training was the result of an assessment conducted by UNDP, where limited management capacity was identified as a gap hindering the work of the Family Protection Units as well as the Directorate for Combating Violence Against Women across Iraq.

The management training focused on various models, namely project management, tools and approaches to be adopted during action plan implementation, risk and conflict management, and team building.

This training is contributing to enhancing the management skills of the Family Protection Unit Directors, while creating a pool of national trainers to ensure the sustainability of the trainings within the Ministry of Interior. UNDP will continue to provide support to the national trainers to plan and conduct further trainings targeting all staff working in these Family Protection Units.

This training is conduct in partnership with Government of Denmark and the Danish Police Commission.