Modern methodologies for legislative consultations

May 12, 2014

Parliamentarians in the Istanbul workshop. ©UNDP

As part of its support to the Iraq Council of Representatives (COR), UNDP in coordination with the Research and Development Advisor’s Office of the Presidency Council in the parliament, organized a three day workshop entitled “Modern Methodologies of Legislative and Administrative Consultations” in Istanbul from 12 to 14 May 2014.

The workshop targeted 20 participants from the Advisors offices of the Presidency Council and advisors of key parliamentary Committees to build their capacities in terms of providing the best consultation services to the parliamentary offices.

The international and local trainers used the comparative approaches and examples from the parliaments of the UK, Canada, France, South Africa and Turkey to enrich the knowledge of participants about the best international practices for consultations.

The participants were interactive with the training curricula and appreciative of the expertise provided, “This is one of the best workshops that I ever attended as we received comprehensive information that will certainly reflect positively on our performance to serve the Iraqi parliament. We all believe that this workshop has therefore achieved its objectives” according to the Political Advisor to the Council of Representatives.

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