Training of Police on Domestic and Gender Based Violence in KRG

22 May 2014

imageDomestic and Gender Based Violence training for Police in KRG. Photo by UNDP-Iraq 2014.

Under the Family, Support Justice and Security Programme, UNDP continues to support the Directorate of Combating Violence Against Women (DCVAW) and Ministry Of Interior to assist the KRG to combat Domestic and Gender based Violence in the Region.  Technical advisory services and capacity building support is being provided to enable the staff of the DCVAW and police officers to better perform their duties. Recently, the programme supported the government in the establishment of a training center within Ministry of Interior, with the objective of securing the professionalism of all staff working within the DCVAW.  Within the framework of the UNDP's Programme a series of Training of Trainers courses were organized and conducted by UNDP out of which a pool of national trainers has been established to support the institutional sustainability.


To enhance the institutional capacity to combat Domestic violence and GBV and to ensure that this training unit has the adequate organizational structure and required capacity to perform their duty, UNDP also organized 6 trainings from 5th to the 22nd of May, targeting 158 male and female participants, out of which 82 were police officers (26 female and 56 male police officers), 31 psychological and social workers (15 female and 16 male), 25 statistic and data analysis staff ( 7 female and 18 male. With 20 staff of communication section (6 female and 14 male). The purpose of the training is to enhance the capacity of the service providers on DV and GBV cases, working toward or maintaining a high level of performance.


It is of significant note that this is the first time that a directorate is providing training benefits through its own experienced local trainers and staff to provide trainings. All the trainings targeted and gathered representatives of all staff of the 6 directorates of entire Kurdistan region. The training also provides a platform for knowledge sharing and served as forum to exchange experiences and discuss challenges.



Name: Nahid Hussein

Titel: Project Manager



Name: Shno Hashmy

Titel: Project Officer