e-Missan: towards Iraq’s capital of technology

May 24, 2014

The Missan e-Governor Steering Committee attening a two-day consultative workshop on e-Missan Execution in partnership with UNDP Iraq. Photo By UNDP Iraq 2014.

Under the high auspices and with the participation of the Governor of Missan, Mr. Ali Dawai Lazim, a two-day consultative workshop on e-Missan Execution was held on 24-25 May in partnership with UNDP Iraq.The workshop discussed and explained all aspects related to moving forward in the execution of e-Province, including measures needed to further enhancing the governorate e-readiness transformation and service delivery channels.The workshop concluded on a commitment from the Governor and the Missan e-Governance Steering Committee to move ahead with the execution of the e-Missan project through issuing a formal bidding process from the Governorate based on the provided terms of reference from UNDP.

By adopting and moving forward in the execution of the e-province model and automation of priority services, Missan would be singled out on the Iraqi Map as the Capital of Technology, which will add to Missan’s various achievements. Furthermore, it will introduce best practices to Iraq on service excellence delivery to citizens. It is expected that by the end of this year, Missan will operate successfully its citizens’ portal, which will feature a minimum of five e-Transaction Services, and where citizen would be able to submit their applications and track them inside various directorates online.The list of e-services considered is the Construction Permit, the Water Subscription, the Student Registration, the Supply of Subsidized and Marketing of Agricultural Product, and Grievance Redressal.

In his opening and final remarks, the governor expressed his deep appreciation to the valuable technical support provided by UNDP and the commendable partnership in the framework of implementing e-governance. He also highlighted all the efforts and achievements that resulted from this mutual partnership and hoped that UNDP will continue the provision of its technical support throughout the execution stages of e-Missan

It is important to mention that the model of e-Province for Iraq was developed by the Iraqi National e-governance Steering Committee with support from UNDP and in partnership with Missan governorate. The e-Province model introduces the most suitable and adapted directions to mainstream Information Management and Technology and Service Excellence in the Governorate. Indeed, the e-Province provides a reform and modernization platform, which is expected to support the delivery of quality services and business operations in a more effective, efficient, convenient, responsive and consistent manner, and this in a secure electronic environment.

UNDP’s support to e-Governance in Iraq is part of its ongoing assistance within the framework of the Public Sector Modernization project, which aims at providing an integrated approach to restructuring and systems enhancement at federal and local levels.


Christopher C. Politis, IPSM Project Manager
Abeer Fawaeer
, e-Governance Specialist

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