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  • 22 Jan 2013
    Strengthening Ties with the Kurdish Parliament to Boost Public Sector Modernization

    UNDP’s Iraq Public Sector Modernisation (I-PSM) Programme works to reform Iraq’s essential services in education, health, water and sanitation. As Phase Two of the programme begins, UNDP met with the President of the Kurdistan Region’s Parliament, Dr. Arsalan Baiz, as well as other members of government to reaffirm mutual commitments to the programme’s objectives.

  • 12 Nov 2012
    UN Global Compact Sponsors Iraq’s First Design Excellence Award

    The Iraq UN Global Compact (UNGC) Network supported the “Tamayouz Award”, an academic excellence award for architectural graduation projects in Iraqi universities. UNDP Iraq, hosting the Secretariat of the UNGC Network, supported the promotion of the award and identification of Iraqi companies, members of the Network and committed to responsible business conduct in the construction sector, to sponsor the initiative.

  • 24 Oct 2012
    First Disaster Risk Reduction Law Drafted

    With support from UNDP Iraq, the Government of Iraq drafted the first version of The National Disaster Risk Reduction Law, currently under consideration by the Council of Ministers. This UNDP initiative helped Iraqi officials to identify the full range of natural disasters facing Iraq including floods, droughts, desertification, disease outbreaks and earthquakes.

  • 08 Mar 2012
    SMS Campaign in Missan gives citizens a Voice

    Around 78% of Iraqis use mobile telephones and 12% own a personal computer. In the Missan governorate, staff utilised the rise in technology amongst Iraqis by using a Short Message Service (SMS) campaign to learn more about the needs of citizens to increase public participation in local development matters.