Rehabilitated schools mean fewer children per classroom and increased quality of education in local communities – UNDP and Shell Iraq

01 Oct 2013

imageSchool Rehabilitation/opening ceremony. Photo by MagicCarpet/UNDP Iraq 2013

Al Nashwa, Basrah, Iraq, October 2013 – The United Nations Development Programme in Iraq and Shell Iraq Petroleum Development BV (SIPD) opened two newly rehabilitated schools that will support the education of approximately 800 primary school children in the Al-Nashwa community, which is close to Iraq’s Majnoon oilfield.

Ala’a AlDeen Al Hakeem School and Al Ma’arifa School, originally built in the late 1950s, were completely rehabilitated with the addition of new classrooms and furniture, administrative facilities, and water and sanitation facilities. Local artists have also been invited to help with school beautification.

UNDP completed a bottom-up participatory planning process which has enabled the community of Al-Nashwa district to articulate its most important needs and priorities. As a result two schools have been identified as being in greatest need and the project was undertaken in partnership with Al-Nashwa’s local council.

UNDP Iraq project manager, Lionel Laurens, said, “This rehabilitation is part of our on-going commitment to help communities articulate and prioritize their needs, and to build their capacity to plan and manage their own development. We are working with Shell and local communities to ensure a lasting positive impact on the livelihoods of Iraqis in the area.”

In parallel with the school rehabilitation, UNDP and Shell are running a health, safety, and environment awareness campaign engaging students of these schools to maintain their classrooms and initiate good hygiene practices.


Lionel Laurens, Head Inclusive Growth and Economic Empowerment

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