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Apr 5, 2014

RBAS Opening Session to present a new regional by UNDP Iraq 2014

5 April 2014, Amman: A Regional consultation was organized by the Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS) from April 5-6 in Amman to present a new regional initiative ‘Fostering the Inclusive Participation and Effective Contribution of Arab Women in the Public Sphere” .Mosharaka (Mosharka = Participation) has been formulated as a three year project aiming to address the deficits in the public participation and citizenship rights of women in the Arab region as well as to ensure gender equality, especially in transitional, fragile and post conflict countries. The meeting brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders including government, civil society, experts, activists, and donors from the region and globally to deliberate on the challenges and opportunities that different national, regional and sub- regional contexts present for advocacy and action on behalf of women.

Participants from Iraq included Dr.Bushra Zuwini, Gender Advisor to the Prime Minister; Ms. Intisar Al Jbori, Head of the Woman, Family, Childhood Committee of the Council of Representatives; Tagred Jawad, State Minister of Woman Affairs; and Dr. Awatif Al Mustafa, Director of Altaqua Organization in Basra as well as UNDP’s Senior Gender Specialist.

Themes within the Consultation

  • Legal and Policy Reforms to Accelerate Women’s Rights in Law and Practice.
  • Women’s Participation in Political Processes and Decision Making.
  • Gender Equality Institutions and Machineries.
  • Women, Peace and Security.
  • Women Economic Empowerment- Macro Economic Policies and Social Constraints.
  • Women’s Rights in Islam.

Sundus Abass, UNDP-Iraq Gender Specialist

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