Basra Governorate launches the e-Province Initiative and Organizes e-Local Governance Orientation and e-Readiness Transformation Assessment Workshop

May 19, 2014

Basrah Provincial Council Members alongside 30 participants from the Governorate and Sectoral departments participated in the e-Governance workshop. Photo by UNDP Iraq 2014.

The Governorate of Basra partnered with UNDP Iraq in conducting a three-day workshop on e-Local Governance Orientation and e-Readiness Transformation Assessment, held on 19-21 May 2014. This activity falls under UNDP’s Iraq Public Sector Modernization (IPSM) Project and contributes to the fulfillment of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) Workplan devised by the Governorate of Basra with the aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness of its local administration in service delivery.

The workshop was held under the auspices of the Deputy Governor in his capacity of President of the PAR Committee in Basra and witnessed the participation of elected Provincial Council Members, alongside 30 participants from the Governorate and Sectoral departments. Noteworthy was the active contribution of the Head of the e-Governance Committee in the Provincial Council, Ms. Basma Al Salmi, who confirmed the readiness and commitment to introducing the e-Province architecture in Basra.

UNDP’s e-Governance expert presented and discussed the e-Province Architecture Model, including all its development and implementation aspects, and succeeded in sensitizing decision makers and implementation agents on the way forward. The workshop also supported the establishment of a baseline for e-Readiness Transformation through a rapid assessment undergone in a participatory manner, as well as identifying the criteria to be applied for e-Service prioritization in light of Basra’s specificities and particularities. The role and participation of representatives from 12 service delivery directorates (infrastructure and essential services) is to be highlighted in the finalization of the prioritization criteria and the envisioning of e-Service delivery.

The workshop resulted in identifying the most suitable and adapted direction to introduce Information Management and Technology and Service Excellence in the Governorate of Basra through the e-Province initiative. Indeed, the e-Province will provide a reform and modernization platform, which is expected to support the delivery of quality services and business operations in a more effective, efficient, convenient, responsive and consistent manner, and this in a secure electronic environment. The e-Governance is envisaged to serve as primary means to inducing modernization and reform initiatives at local level from a service delivery perspective.


Christopher C. Politis, IPSM Project Manager

Abeer Fawaeer, e-Governance Specialist

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