IPSM supports the Basra Governorate through Institutional Re-Structuring and Performance Enhancement Workshop

May 19, 2014

UNDP supports the Governorate of Basra with its Public Administration Reform (PAR) Committee.Photo by UNDP Iraq 2014

UNDP supported the Governorate of Basra, and more specifically its Public Administration Reform (PAR) Committee, in the organization of an Institutional Re-Structuring and Performance Enhancement Workshop that was held in Basra on 19-20 May 2014. This activity contributes to the fulfillment of the PAR workplan devised by the Governorate of Basra and aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of its local administration and is part of the Iraq Public Sector Modernization Project. It also reconfirms UNDP’s commitment to instigating administrative reform at governorate level as a means to improving performance and enhancing service delivery.

The Workshop is the first of a series of capacity building and mentoring endeavors that UNDP Iraq will be extending to the Basra Governorate in the review of its internal structures and organizational chart, through the application of the IPSM Institutional Re-Structuring and Reform Toolkit. The toolkit strives to introduce and contextualize a new and modern approach in reforming internal administrative structures and improving institutional efficiency through results and output driven reviews of business processes and relationship mapping.

Under the chairmanship of Dr. Durgham Al Ajwadi, Deputy Governor and President of the Basra PAR Committee, 16 elected officials and decision makers from Provincial, District and Sub-District levels and senior representatives from sectoral departments actively participated in the exercise of applying the new methodology on the Governorate Organogram and succeeded through extensive discussions in pinpointing enhancement requirements and modifications to the structure. The Basra Organogram Re-Structuring Committee had also a prime role in this training workshop and is also expected to apply the acquired methodology in reviewing the organizational structure and finalizing it. A second workshop planned for June 2014 has been agreed upon by the Deputy Governor and concerned stakeholders, during which UNDP experts will review the work undertaken by the governorate and final amendments introduced prior to presenting the proposed revised Organogram to the Governor for endorsement.

On a final note, it is important to highlight that this workshop has benefitted and was implemented through parallel funding from the Governorate of Basra. Indeed, all logistics related costs were borne by the Governorate, which is a clear indication of the high interest and ownership of the reform process in Basra.


Christopher C. Politis, Project Manager,Iraq Public Sector Modernisation Programme (I‑PSM)

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