Iraq Compliance with UN Convention Against Corruption on Asset Recovery

Jul 19, 2014

Officials from Kurdistan Commission of Integrity, Kurdistan Board of Supreme Audit, the Parliamentarian Legal Committee and UNDP during the workshop. Photo by UNDP 2014.

As another significant contribution to the efforts on combating corruption, The United Nation Development Programmer (UNDP) Accountability, Transparency and Anti-Corruption (ATAC) programmer conducted a workshop on Stolen Asset Recovery in Erbil.

The workshop is a component of a major UNDP - ATAC project to enhance the capacity of specialized key Iraqi agencies in financial cross boarder investigating, promote international cooperation, establishing procedures on freezing/seizing/confiscating and repatriation of stolen assets.

Asset recovery is a relatively new field of expertise in both the requesting and the requested countries and, as a result, the balance is not always met between the resources and time allocated compared to the results. Like in other countries going through the same challenges, the Iraqi authorities face technical and legal obstacles in relationship with many of the requested countries that host Iraqi stolen assets.

Under the management and organization of UNDP - ATAC programmer, the workshop was attend by 24 key staff from the Kurdistan Commission of Integrity, Kurdistan Board of Supreme Audit, and the Parliamentarian Legal Committee.

The workshop developed comprehensive understanding on international obligations of state members of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) of which Iraq is a signatory of. It also discussed and developed the outlines of a Country Guide Note specific to Iraq on asset recovery and established the boarder lines of a draft law proposal, both documents to be developed in details over the coming months under the support of UNDP – ATAC.


Emad Alemamie, Programme Manager


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