The Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan for Syria launched in Berlin: building on resilience

Dec 18, 2014

HE Dr. Ali Sindi, Minister of Planning, Kurdistan Regional Government ©UNDP Arab States/2014

Today in Berlin, the United Nations Refugees Agency (UNHCR) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched the 2015-2016 Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (the 3RP) aimed at providing an effective, comprehensive, and coordinated response to the needs of refugees caused by the Syria crisis.

The Minister of Planning of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Ali Sindi, attended the launch on behalf Iraq’s Kurdistan Region In his speech, he emphasized the substantial impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on the people and infrastructure of Kurdistan, which hosts 230,000 refugees and close to 1 million Iraqi internally displaced persons. These populations pose a huge strain on the social fabric and sustainability of the local services and resources needed to maintain the response to the huge needs. This also threatens to reverse many of the development gains made in recent years. 

As the Iraq response plan to the Syrian refugees enters its third year, the thrust of the 3RP is moving from humanitarian assistance to a longer-term self-reliance amongst both the refugee and host community populations, and the strengthening of Government service delivery systems. While continuing to provide life-saving support for the most vulnerable, the 3RP will strengthen social services, and encourage both government and private sector involvement. Livelihood support is a cornerstone of the 3RP, as are efforts to improve dialogue between host communities and refugees. Only then can dependence on outside assistance be reduced over time.

The 3RP for Iraq determines that $426M is required in order to maintain a consistent level of assistance throughout 2015.  This figure is $152M lower than the appeal for 2014, and is based on a thorough review of the anticipated number of refugees in Iraq, which have increased by some 24,000 since late September. Of the total budget appeal for Iraq, $107M is earmarked for resilience programming. 

With so many crises around the world, the international community is clearly stretched to maintain its generous assistance to those in need, but continued support for both refugees and host communities in Iraq remains essential.

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