Support to improve government services continues through training to re-engineer work systems and delivery models

Jun 2, 2016

UNDP targeted five teams totaling 27 in number from Karbala Governorate, and Ministries of Justice and Housing. Photo: UNDP Iraq/2016

Amman - As part of its support to the Government of Iraq to facilitate effective and efficient access to quality and responsive government services for citizens, UNDP Iraq's Public Sector Modernization (I-PSM) Programme conducted a 5-day workshop on Simplification of Work Systems, Procedures and Service Delivery Models at National and Sub-national Levels.

Organized in Amman, this second round in a series of capacity development workshops was built on results achieved in workshops held in October 2015.

In addition to enabling participants to acquire an advanced knowledge and develop professional skills in systems re-engineering, the workshop aimed at simplifying essential services related to day-to-day needs of the people of Iraq. Five services were selected for simplification: Property registration, construction permits, academic certification, housing loans, and inheritance. Targeted were five teams totaling 27 in number from Karbala Governorate, and Ministries of Justice and Housing.

I-PSM Programme Manager, Mr. Hisham El Azzouni, emphasized the importance of this initiative in building the capacity of targeted public sector institutions. "The commitment, active participation and significant views and comments of participants throughout the workshop have vehemently enriched the magnitude and quality of outcomes attained; and if sustained, will lead to improved public confidence in government institutions and address much-needed reforms in Iraq."

UNDP's Institutional Development Consultant, Mr. Ahmed Ali, highlighted the outcomes stemmed from the implementation of the first round of capacity development programme. The early signs of impact of the simplified services in both Basra and Missan are promising, and now it is time to continue what we have started."

With technical assistance from UNDP, the five teams will further enhance the outputs reached by the end of the workshop. The necessary measures for delivering simplified services will thereafter be researched and advocated for at the respective institutions.

"We have been equipped with a scientific methodology that, once adopted, will enable us to meet the expectations of the people of Iraq to receive timely and quality services, and will further support moving towards the electronic government," said Ms. Imtyz Naji of Karbala University.

This initiative comes within UNDP's support to the Government of Iraq to oversee the implementation of the Government Programme 2014-2018, and attain its predefined objectives. It also aims to develop, implement and institutionalize schemes, tools and methodologies for improved government services in public sector institutions, as stated in the Public Administration Reform Roadmap 2014-2018.


Hisham El Azzouni, Programme Manager, Iraq Public Sector Modernization (I-PSM)

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