Human Rights Committee develops own strategy supported by UNDP and Iraq’s parliament

Jul 28, 2016

Strategy developed during this workshop in Tunis to be soon adopted by the Human Rights Committee. Photo: UNDP Iraq/2016

Tunis – Developing a strategy, action plan, and Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) for the Human Rights Committee of Iraq’s Council of Representatives (CoR) was the outcome of a 5-day workshop jointly organized, in Tunis on 24 to 28 July, by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the CoR. Participants were parliamentarians, advisers and technical staff of the Committee.

The workshop was conducted under UNDP’s Strengthening Participatory and Accountable Governance programme (SPAG), funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

The strategy was developed for the current cycle (until 2018) and includes vision, mission and values. It is a roadmap for strengthening the role of the Committee, through its constitutional authority, in the protection of human rights, in addition to the role of civil society organizations. It is tailored to contribute to activating the parliamentary oversight role over government performance in the implementation of policies and legislations related to human rights. 

Whilst the action plan aims to implement the strategic objectives, the SoPs seek to improve the workflow and promote institutional capacities procedures.

Legal Advisor to the Human Rights Committee, Mr. Ali Omar, said: “The developed strategy, action plan, and SoPs will be the basis for our work in the Committee during the current parliamentary cycle, as well as future cycles. The workshop helped to prioritize our goals and to set our vision in a comprehensive document.”

UNDP Acting Project Manager for SPAG, Mr. Zeyad Al Obaidi, said: “This workshop is part of UNDP’s commitment to capacitate and enhance the performance of parliamentary committees and to strengthen the role of parliaments in the oversight and legislation process.

In a new milestone, the strategy, action plan and SoPs will be soon adopted by members of the Human Rights Committee and shared with the CoR Presidency for approval. UNDP has recently supported a similar process for the Civil Society Organizations Committee, the first parliamentary committee within the CoR to develop its own strategy.                    


Zeyad Al Obaidi, Acting Project Manager for SPAG

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