UNDP facilitates Iraq’s national preparations to COP22

Oct 25, 2016

Head of Iraq's national delegation to COP22 and Deputy Minister of Health and Environment, Dr. Jassim Al Falahi, addressing the workshop participants. Photo: UNDP Iraq/2016

Sulaimaniyah - In collaboration with Iraq’s Ministry of Health and Environment, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized a capacity building workshop on the Paris Climate Agreement and climate risk mitigation through implementation of the country’s poverty reduction strategies.

Held in Sulaimaniyah over the period of 21 to 25 October 2016, the workshop aimed at preparing Iraq’s national delegation to the Conference of the Parties (COP22) that will take place in Marrakech, Morocco, early November.

Head of the national delegation and Deputy Minister of Health and Environment, Dr. Jassim Al Falahi, stated: “Iraq is firmly committed to the cause of addressing climate change and supporting the global efforts for the implementation of the Paris Declaration. Being one of the worst climate vulnerable countries in the region, Iraq looks forward to harness the potentials and make the best use of the international assistance in tackling this unprecedented challenge.”

“Sustainable development in Iraq will not, and cannot be achieved without decisive action by the Government of Iraq to address the challenges of climate change. UNDP remains committed to support Iraq’s delegation on the ‘Road to COP22’ in Morocco, as part of the overall efforts to achieve sustainable development,” said UNDP’s Environment, Energy and Climate Change Programme Manager, Mr. Tarik-ul-Islam.

Representatives of respective government bodies and agencies, including the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), discussed the integration of the environmental aspect in the revised national Poverty Reduction Strategy. They were further supported to formulate a clear vision for Iraq to be presented in COP22. This includes agreed upon priorities, such as climate change adaptation and its impact on water and food security.


Tarik-ul-Islam, Assistant Country Director, (m) +964 780 197 6462

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