During its second meeting, the Criminal Justice Working Group decides to start identifying key priorities for justice reform

Jan 24, 2017

The Working Group will hold its next meeting in March 2017 to identify key Criminal Justice Reform priorities. Photo: UNDP Iraq/2017

Baghdad – Starting to identify key priorities for reforming Iraq’s criminal justice system was the decision made during the second meeting of the Security Sector Reform (SSR) Criminal Justice Working Group (CJWG), held on 24 January 2017 at Al Nahrain Centre for Strategic Studies in Baghdad. Co-chaired by Iraqi authorities and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the activity was funded by the Governments of Denmark and the Netherlands. 

Already identified as a priority at the Working Group’s first meeting on 10 November 2016, the creation of an Integrated Criminal Justice Information Technology System (CJTS) “is also a priority for the Prime Minister,” highlighted Chairman of the National Committee for Criminal Justice Infrastructure, Dr. Ali Tarish. He provided an update on the proposed CJTS project plan, which is under preparation by Iraqi authorities, and is expected to be funded by the Government and interested international partners.

“The Working Group decided to hold its next meeting in March 2017 to identify the detailed key Criminal Justice Reform priorities specifically relevant to the Offenders Journey, and to produce a project plan report on CJTS,” noted UNDP’s Rule of Law Programme Manager, Ms. Chamila Hemmathagama.

UNDP, the Office of the National Security Advisor (ONSA), and the High Judicial Council (HJC) have launched this Working Group with the objective of assessing and identifying criminal justice reform priorities, as well as improving national and international coordination and partner engagement and seeking international assistance to Criminal Justice Reforms within the Government of Iraq’s (GoI) SSR efforts. 

UNDP assists the Government on SSR through a partnership with ONSA, and support to the criminal justice system has been identified as a key priority within the Government's broader SSR agenda and one of the key areas for post-liberation Iraq.

In addition to representatives of the HJC and Ministries of Justice and Interior, a range of international partners attended the Working Group, including the European Union (EU), Sweden,  the United Kingdom (UK), and the Coalition Combined Joined Task Force (CCJTF) and its Ministerial Liaison Team (MLT).


Chamila Hemmathagama, Programme Manager, Rule of Law, (m) +964 751 184 3529

Peter Iiskola, Adviser, Security Sector Reform, Rule of Law, (m), +964 790 110 1976

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