Iraq’s parliamentary National Reconciliation, Accountability and Justice Committee develops a two-year strategy

Feb 21, 2017

An action plan was also developed during the workshop to implement the Committee’s strategic objectives. Photo: UNDP Iraq/2017

Sulaimaniyah- Continuing support to strengthen the role of Iraq’s Council of Representatives (CoR), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) assisted the National Reconciliation, Accountability and Justice Committee to develop an integrated strategy for the current cycle (until 2018) including vision, mission and values. This was finalized during a workshop in Sulaimaniyah on 18-21 February 2017, jointly organized by UNDP’s Strengthening Participatory and Accountable Governance project (SPAG) and the CoR, and funded by the Government of Denmark. 

Members of the Committee, advisors and technical staff worked together on the strategy with staff of the Speaker’s Office and the Office of Legislation Affairs. They also developed an action plan to implement the Committee’s strategic objectives, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to facilitate workflow.

Legal Advisor to the CoR’s Legal Committee, Ms. Feryal Mohammed, said: “This workshop helped to strengthen our legislative grounds and supported parliamentary legislators in their respective duties.”

SPAG Project Officer, Ms. Israa Aljuboori, said: “By developing a strategy, the National Reconciliation, Accountability and Justice Committee will be able to manage and implement its plans more effectively, thus contributing to an improved parliamentary oversight role.”

The strategy, action plan and SOPs will be adopted by members of the Committee and shared with the Presidency of the CoR for approval. Committees for Civil Society Organizations, Human Rights, and Legal Affairs have taken similar action in 2016 supported by UNDP.  


Zeyad Al Obaidi, Acting Project Manager for SPAG

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