Under the EU funded Local Area Development Programme, UNDP and UN-Habitat are helping Iraq to implement a new urban agenda

Apr 10, 2017

The LADP supports 12 governorates to effectively plan and implement local development strategies. Photo: UNDP Iraq/2017.

Erbil– Over 60 Iraqi officials from the federal and local governments convened in Erbil to participate in the workshop Implementing the New Urban Agenda through Enhanced Planning Capacity and Responsiveness to Citizens’ Needs. The workshop was held on 07-10 April 2017, and was jointly organized by UN-Habitat and the UNDP Local Area Development Programme (LADP), funded by the European Union (EU).

Participants included national and local counterparts from the Ministry of Planning (MoP), Ministry of Municipalities- Construction and Housing and Public Works (MoM-CHPW), and representatives of selected Governorates. The workshop helped to familiarize officials with the LADP components that are being implemented by UN-Habitat at the national and governorate levels. Highlighted were the National Urban Strategy Framework, the on-going spatial analysis on the Southern Governorate Urban Strategy, and progress on the Conservation and Development Plan for Old Basra.

Discussions tackled the Municipal Finance initiative in four pilot municipalities, the Urban Expansion initiative in Missan, the set-up of a Professional MSc Degree in Najaf, and the launch of the Spatial Industrial Development Vision in Diyala and Wassit. Participants also discussed the Governorate Transportation Plans in Babel, Karbala and Missan, and the State Land Inventory in Najaf and Missan.

Director General of the Ministry of Planning, Mr. Mohammed Al Sayed, commended the level of collaboration between his ministry, UNDP, and UN-Habitat. “The LADP workshop that was delivered by UN-Habitat was very beneficial for the participants, especially in terms of addressing and identifying priorities and strategies for urban development in Iraq. Under this programme, we are working on several projects that will strengthen the National Development Plan for the next five years.”

The EU Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Patrick Simmonet, said: “The EU is keen to support the development of Iraq through projects with other partners, which is one of the reasons we decided to fund the UNDP's Local Area Development Programme. The LADP project and this latest workshop on implementing the New Urban Agenda is a valuable step forward in meeting the needs of the civilian population in various places in Iraq.”

Head of the UN-Habitat Iraq Programme, Mr. Erfan Ali, said: "Under LADP, UN-Habitat is applying the ‘three-legged approach’ to sustainable urbanization which underpins the New Urban Agenda, providing support to enhance urban planning and design, municipal finance and urban legislation as an important contribution for the sustainable reconstruction of Iraq."

The workshop also launched the Ramadi City Recovery and Development Strategy, an initiative that seeks to utilize UN-Habitat’s expertise in post-conflict planning and helping local authorities and returning communities to transition from crisis to sustainable urban development.

Located in the Governorate of Anbar, Ramadi was the worst-affected by the conflict with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) so far.

The LADP supports 12 governorates to effectively plan and implement local development strategies. It further advocates for women empowerment, and enables youth to contribute to their communities through creative solutions under the EU/UNDP Innovation for Development Initiative.

The EU and UNDP are partnering in 140 countries to deepen democratic governance, prevent or help countries recover from conflict and natural disasters, build resilience, and adapt to climate change.


Alan Miran, Media and Communications Specialist, UN-Habitat (m) + 964 750 342 7036

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