Women Minorities Forum taking steps to contribute to recovery and resilience in Iraq

Sep 19, 2017

Women representing different minorities at the Forum meeting in Erbil. Photo: Karzan Saadon/UNDP Iraq/2017

Erbil- The Women Minorities Forum (WMF), comprised of 20 women from different minorities in Iraq, met for the third time on 17-19 September 2017 in Erbil to discuss the role of women in bringing gender considerations to bear on the resilient recovery process in Iraq. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been providing technical support to the Forum since its establishment in 2016.

The meeting focused on developing innovative strategies to effectively advocate for peace in a rapidly changing climate. Participants explored ways in which women representatives of minorities can work together to develop and forward appropriate resilience and civic reconciliation efforts within their communities.

WMF Member, Shabakian activist from Bartella, Ms. Soria Mahmood AL Qaddo, said: “This Forum can contribute to the Recovery and Resilience Framework in Iraq through helping to reduce extremist thought amongst women in local communities.”

“We are working together to build resilient communities able to face challenges posed by extremist ideologies and to build peace and security,” noted another WMF Member, Christian activist from Basra, Ms. Evan Jacob.

Some of the key priorities identified during the meeting was the need to support women in addressing the legacies of conflict, including combatting fundamentalist propaganda aimed at inciting violence and developing strategies to enable the reintegration of vulnerable children into stable family and community structures.

UNDP Gender Specialist, Ms. Sundus Abbas, said: “The role of women in building resilience in Iraq can be advanced, promoting women from different minorities as agents for recovery, resilience and peace. We are glad that the WMF is working towards this goal.”

The Forum agreed to work in the coming weeks towards developing a mechanism to promote its work, a campaign on saving children the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) left behind in liberated areas, in addition to an initiative to contribute to community reconciliation in the Ninewah Plains.


Sundus Abbas, Gender Specialist, (m) +964 780 197 6464

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