Shaping the Future of Education in Iraq through Collective Intelligence

“How do you call online learning real learning? Learning usually happens in the classroom under the direct guidance and supervision of instructors!” This is a rhetorical question we have heard for…  

Discovering Beyond the Known During 2020: Innovative Approaches from UNDP Accelerator Lab in Iraq

Humans have existed on earth for millions of years, adapting quickly to different circumstances and crises to sustain mankind. The coronavirus pandemic further tested our adaptability to new…  

Stories from the Future of Climate in Iraq

As an explorer in the UNDP-Accelerator Lab in Iraq, I went on a journey to innovatively sense and explore how people were reacting to climate change issues, and grasp the weak signals furthering or…  

How women are fighting corruption in Iraq

Established by UNDP, the Women against Corruption Forum in Iraq is the first of its kind in the country. Member of the Forum, Maria Al-Fattousi from Muthanna Governorate shares her experience on how…  

Artificial Neural Networks Simulation in Identifying Local Solutions in Iraq

Remember when you were a child, thirsty for creativity and eager to learn new things? Do you remember seeing the sky, making shapes and figures out of the clouds and stars, or the cardboard box that…  

Design Thinking Methodology: Experimenting Local Solutions in Iraq

Experimentation is an infinite learning journey saturated with ambiguity, fear, and risk, while it is also coupled with excitement to test the innovative solutions. At the UNDP Accelerator Lab in…  

The role of entrepreneurs in tackling climate change

Do we know enough about the Sustainable Development Goals and in particular, the effects of "Climate change"? How can we respond to it? The UNDP YLP 6 in Iraq searched for an answer to this question.  

Signals spark strategic direction: COVID-19 Pandemic uncovers new opportunities for education in Iraq

We see opportunities during COVID-19 pandemic, we are not just daydreaming, we are learning to explore these opportunities and make them reality.  

Young Iraqis, the key to sustainable Peace

Since 2017, nine Iraqi Universities have been engaged in advancing capacities for Peace Education, through developing curricula for their own academic programs, capacity-building, and in the field of…  

The Learning Waves of Climate Change Status-Quo in Iraq

The UNDP Accelerator Lab team is committed to laying down the methodologies to investigate the environmental challenges in today’s world  

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