Why young people are a critical resource in the fight against a pandemic

Iraqi youth unite to find sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Celebrate Eid at Home

As Ramadan draws to a close, families across Iraq are preparing to welcome Eid, and hoping to celebrate the holy month under better conditions next year.  

The land between two rivers adapts to its most recent challenge

Iraq has struggled with many challenges in recent decades; the emergence of a pandemic has added a new layer of complexity to its recovery.  

How can data help fight a health crisis?

UNDP supports Karbala Governorate to track and trace COVID-19 using modern geographic information system (GIS) Technologies.  

From symptoms to solutions – new local innovation helps Iraqi communities manage Coronavirus concerns

Tracking symptoms of Coronavirus and understanding its vast impact have been made easier for Iraqis thanks to a new local platform supported by UNDP Iraq’s Accelerator Lab.  

10 ways to keep healthy and fit while staying home during Ramadan

UNDP Iraq and WFP Iraq wish Iraqi people a blessed month, and developed a list of 10 tips to keep healthy and fit while #StayingHome during Ramadan.  

Exploring Innovation in Iraq

“I don’t want to learn about mediation, I want to learn how I can be economically independent. I want to be able to financially support myself and my family,” said Nora, a widow and a mother of three…  

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