Crisis Prevention and Recovery


UNDP has led the early recovery and resilience agenda in Iraq since 2014/2015, supporting the Government of Iraq’s crisis response efforts, through the Iraq Crisis Response and Resilience Programme (ICRRP). Resting on the idea of “build back better”, ICRRP uses the opportunity of restoration and recovery to shape a sustainable environment and equip communities to better manage future crises. The Programme’s broad thematic scope covers five key areas of work:

  1. Crisis Response: Strengthening the institutional capacity of governments to manage crisis situations
  2. Basic Services: Supporting the rehabilitation of infrastructure in health, education, electricity, transport, water and sewerage sectors to enable basic service provision for conflict affected communities
  3. Livelihood Recovery: Contributing to economic recovery of displaced, returnee and host communities in crisis affected locations through cash for work, vocational training, job-placement, asset replacement, and small and medium enterprises;
  4. Protection: Strengthening protection mechanisms for vulnerable communities
  5. Social Cohesion: Promoting trust and confidence within and between community members through participatory peace initiatives

Using a holistic, integrated and community-driven approach sets the stage for full recovery, prevents further deterioration of post-crisis situations and rebuilds peoples’ lives.  

ICRRP was initially set-up to provide immediate support to IDPs, Syrian refugees and host communities in the KRI, but the increasing number of returnees to newly liberated area’s (NLAs) and the protracted displacement of individuals facing security challenges or a lack of livelihoods opportunities, has resulted in a geographic and strategic shift, shaped by a need for building greater self-reliance amongst target communities.

As a result, in 2016/2017 ICRRP began responding to needs in selected liberated areas, working in coordination with the UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stablization (FFS), to ensure access to basic services, contribute to local economic recovery through employment generation, promote civic engagement and increase confidence in state institutions. From 2019, the Project also expands its support to other parts of country, starting with Basra, as a response to the crisis which broke out in mid-2018.

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