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In Iraq, UNDP is working to pilot innovative technology-based solutions that contribute to the increased efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of governance institutions, systems and services at national and subnational levels, including strengthening national anti-corruption capacities, sector-specific approaches, and capacity development of relevant national institutions and NGOs. 

UNDP improves access to justice and strengthens citizen security, particularly for women and other marginalized groups, by promoting effective dispute resolution mechanisms, and by strengthening security sector reform, the rule of law and national human rights institutions. UNDP Interventions are also intended to provide an enabling environment for the achievement of social cohesion and sustainable development. 

Recognizing the Inadequacy of performance management systems, limited implementation of a decentralization framework, and the limited capacities of public officials and its contribution to poor service delivery, infrastructure planning, management and maintenance, UNDP provides advisory and capacity support through:

  • The introduction of legal frameworks and mechanisms for corruption prevention; 
  • Strengthening oversight and accountability frameworks, and 
  • Enhancing inclusive institutions that are able to respond to the needs and priorities of vulnerable populations. 

Additional support to address structural deficiencies such as discrimination, centralization,  and deteriorating infrastructure, particularly for vulnerable populations, is provided through promoting youth, civic and political participation and enhancing local government systems by supporting decentralization processes; implementing selected local priority development projects already listed in the existing local development plans at the provincial level and assisting returns and better living conditions in conflict/fragile areas, such as through the rehabilitation and upgrading of housing and community infrastructure and services.

UNDP partners with government institutions to implement interventions at the central and local levels, including the Ministry of Interior and its community security machinery; the Integrity Committee and Parliament for strengthened oversight; and governorate councils and municipalities for decentralization efforts.

An elderly man registers for a new national identity card at the office of Civil Affairs in Jalawla, Diyala.

Our goals

UNDP works toward the goal of building and maintaining effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels in Iraq, achieved through:

  • Improved capacity of people in Iraq, particularly women, to lead, participate in and contribute to the design and delivery of equitable and responsive services, especially for the most vulnerable populations;
  • Strengthened institutions and systems that deliver people-centred, evidence and needs-based equitable and inclusive gender and age-responsive services, especially for the most vulnerable populations, with particular focus on advocating for women’s leadership in decision-making processes.

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