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UNDP celebrates EU Day in Missan.

EU Day commemorates the initial step towards the creation of the European Union and is an opportunity to celebrate Peace and Unity.  

Rebuild, recover and reform: How the European Union is supporting development in Iraq

With $US 166 million pledged since 2016, the EU’s commitment to the people of Iraq is as stronger than ever. From supporting stabilization efforts, to bolstering the anti-corruption agenda and…  

Encouraging peace, social cohesion, and community trust-building with local authorities in Iraq

Following the liberation of ISIL held territories in Iraq, infrastructure has been re-built and relationships re-established, however distrust and uncertainty between many groups remain due to the…  

UNDP, WHO and Government of Iraq unite on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for reintegration of Iraqis returning from Al-Hol

One in five people living in an area affected by conflict is expected to have a mental health condition. For Iraq, a country marred by decades of conflict, it’s long been time to spotlight mental…  

Making Waves in Basra: Defying gender norms in development projects

As the world calls for more women and girls in technology, science, engineering and other typically male-dominated industries, 35-year-old Zainab Sadiq in Basra, Iraq’s southernmost governorate is…  

Together towards peace: Town Hall meeting promotes reconciliation and community acceptance in Habbaniyah

Following prolonged conflict in Iraq, encouraging the safe and dignified return of Iraqis to their home communities is a priority to achieve social cohesion  

Boots on the ground: Community-Based Organizations inspire social cohesion in Iraq

Strengthening Iraq’s social fabric following decades of conflict and sectarian violence is no easy task.  

Gender at the forefront in Iraq: Encouraging gender mainstreaming in peacebuilding

The women leaders of Iraq are not hard to find; they exist in the classroom, the boardroom, and the home. Advocating for gender mainstreaming in the design of cohesion related activities in Iraq is…  

Media and social cohesion in Iraq: Launch of roundtable series

The media has a vital role to play in peacebuilding in countries recovering from conflict, such as Iraq. While the bricks and mortar can be physically re-built, often parts of society remain divided…  

Institutionalizing Peace: Working together to Prevent Violent Extremism in Iraq

Supporting Prevention of Violent Extremism is a key component of UNDP’s approach to peacebuilding in Iraq.  

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