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Fact Sheet: Immediate Stabilization

Aug 3, 2016

UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization was established in June 2015. The Facility originally included a single channel for immediate stabilization, known as the Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilization (FFIS). In April 2016, a second channel for expanded stabilization was added. The Facility is overseen by a Steering Committee, chaired by the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff and is managed by UNDP, which also serves as the secretariat to the Steering Committee.


FFIS is a fast-track mechanism designed to help rapidly stabilize newly liberated cities in the first months after the area has been declared safe. FFIS supports four types of activity. Specific projects are decided in agreement with the Provincial Council and Governor, based on priorities identified at the local level through consultations.


The four FFIS windows include: Public works and light infrastructure rehabilitation, livelihoods, capacity support, and community reconciliation.


  • FFIS is currently authorized to work in 17 newly liberated cities
  • 19 countries support stabilization efforts and have contributed US$82 million
  • In anticipation of 12 additional cities being liberated, including Mosul, FFIS requires $85 million in additional pledges in 2016 and $180 million in 2017

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