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Policy Brief: Gender assessment in relation to Model Police Station Pilot Assessment

Jun 20, 2021

As part of the Government of Iraq’s (GoI) overall Secu­rity Sector Reform Programme, a key action is to devel­op the Iraqi local police to be more citizen-centred and service-oriented under a strategy known as the Local Police Service Road Map. In order to translate the rec­ommendations and priorities from the Local Police Ser­vice Road Map into tangible efforts on the ground, the Ministry of Interior (MoI), in cooperation with UNDP, is undertaking the Model Police Station Pilot Initiative in a selected number of target locations in Anbar, Bagh­dad, Basra, and Ninewa governorates, with a view to replicate the concept over time. The purpose of the Model Police Station Pilot Initiative is to design a con­text-specific model to restore a responsive, effective, and accountable local police service, that is accessible to both men and women.

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