E-Governance for Better Service Delivery in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Project Summary

UNDP IQ- Kurdistan Ministry of Interior Pilot Service Centre-20171207Exterior and interior views of the proposed Ministry of Interior Service Centre. Photo: KR-I Ministry of Interior/2017

UNDP Iraq is supporting the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to apply e-governance for better service delivery. The project started in March 2017 with the aim of i) building capacities in the Ministry of Interior through transfer of knowledge using the South-South framework, ii) establishing an inter-sector coordinating mechanism for the wider application of e-governance in public service delivery, and iii) identification of pilot projects though which services could be delivered to the public through e-governance means.

The Ministry of Interior is currently working towards creating partnerships and mobilizing resources for their planned Service Centres, which they hope will be an example for delivering service to the public and ultimately result in more responsive, transparent, and accountable public administration in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

What we have achieved so far

Key results of the project are as follows:

  • Partnership established with the Asan Khidmet Institution in Azerbaijan, which won the 2015 UN Public Service Award for Excellence.
  • Study completed and website launched for the planned Ministry of Interior Service Centres that will be established in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
  • Pilot project for the renewal of drivers’ licenses implemented in Duhok to help scale up the application of e-governance in public service delivery in the Region.

Funding information

The project budget is US$ 200,000, funded by UNDP.

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