Support to the Independent High Electoral Commission

Project Summary

electoral preparationsElectoral officials prepare for municipal elections in Iraq. Photo: MagicCarpet/UNDP Iraq 2013


This programme has been jointly developed by the United Nations and the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) under the leadership of UNDP.

UNDP supports IHEC to become a sustainable government structure able to carry out its constitutional mandate fully, independently, efficiently, transparently and accountably, in line with international professional standards.

IHEC is an independent governmental institution supervised by the Council of Representatives. It has the relevant and necessary authority to oversee the electoral process for successful, fair and transparent elections in Iraq.

UNDP works closely with IHEC on a day-to-day basis to identify areas of improvement and lessons learned from previous elections and address gaps and challenges to improve IHEC’s services.

What have we accomplished so far?

elderly voterAn elderly woman prepares to vote. Photo MagicCarpet/UNDP Iraq 2013
  • 678 IHEC staff members have benefited directly from initiatives completed by the programme.
  • An assessment of IHEC’s complaints process to improve internal mechanisms for electoral disputes.
  • Enhanced IHEC staff skills in election data collection and management for field coordination purposes and real-time simulation on data aggregation and reporting.
  • Improved staff capacity in procurement, logistics, public outreach and complaints processing.
  • Review of the electoral legal framework for district and sub-district elections and for Kurdistan Region Governorate Council elections.
  • Improved staff capacity on handling and tracking of election materials, and utilizing social media networks for public outreach purposes, including You Tube, Facebook and Twitter.

Funding information

Partner Agency Amount in US$
UN Development Group Trust Fund 14,000,000



In 2012, this project delivered US$ 1,860,600.

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