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UK and Canada Support Iraq’s fight against Climate Change

Increasing temperatures, declining rainfall, salinity, and more frequent sand and dust storms are some of the challenges faced by Iraq due to climate change. In fact, the country is classified as the…  

The Basra Business Incubator – A European-Iraqi Achievement

Partnership between The Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia and Basra governorate, is the Basra Business Incubator.  

Iraqi Judges and Financial Investigators prepare Taskforce Investigations

The Federal Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq, the Kurdistan Judicial Council and UNDP Iraq, with support from the U.S. Government, launched a series of workshops for investigative judges, prosecutors,…  

Young Iraqis Receive Grants to Kickstart Their Businesses

20 innovative business ideas driven by young people from Kirkuk and Mosul have received a grant of US$ 5,000 each. This will help kick-start their business ideas and boost the local start-up system.  

Combating Misinformation Online in Iraq

In Iraq, a country where more than half its population uses social media, a simple click of the mouse can easily spread misinformation and fake news. From false health reports to religious and…  

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