26 mid-level Iraqi police trainers have participated in the training. Photo: UNDP Iraq/2019.


In June 2019, The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Inteirior's (MoI) Training and Qualification Directorate jointly delivered an advanced course on training of trainers (ToT) on the topic of ‘Improving the Effectiveness of Local Police (IELP)’.  The course took place from 23 -27 June in Istanbul and was attended by 26 mid-level Iraqi police trainers. Improving the Effectiveness of Local Police (IELP) is also known as Knowledge Led Policing and, primarily focuses on improving the skills and techniques of local police on how to collect, validate, analyze and prioritize information to ensure effective and timely use of information in the police operational context. It also focuses on building effective partnerships with relevant stakeholders at local level to improve public safety and security while also building trust and confidence between the police and the local communities. Furthermore, the MoI’s Police Affairs Agency has identified IELP as a core- police function in its Local Police Service Road Map that directs its efforts to transform Iraqi police from a fighting force against ISIL to a more service-oriented police service in post-war Iraq.

Further to the four IELP TOT courses conducted in 2018, an advanced course for a pool of 26 IELP trained Iraqi police trainers was identified by MoI, UNDP and, Danish National Police as a way to establish a qualified and, skilled pool of Iraqi trainers who could start to deliver IELP basic trainings to Iraqi police with on- going mentoring from UNDP and Danish Instructors in the coming months. The 26 selected participants were the high performers of the IELP ToT courses conducted in 2018 in terms of their ability to understand the concept and, their ability to impart transferable skills and knowledge to their peers/ fellow officers from the Iraqi Local Police.

The overall objective of the advanced course was to up skill this selected pool of Iraqi trainers on advanced training theories and techniques with emphasis on adult learning and, motivation techniques highly relevant in the design and delivery of IELP basic trainings and subsequent evaluation of all aspects of training process. The participants were from the police training centers in Anbar, Baghdad, Kirkuk, Karbala, Missan, Salah al-Din, Diyala and other specialized training institutions within MoI's Police Affairs Agency, Federal Security Affairs Agency, Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency and the Administrative and Financial Affairs Agency.

“This pool of 26 advance trainers will be the key drivers of taking forward the future IELP trainings to Iraqi Police in close collaboration with UNDP and Danish National Police” said Major General Ziyad Ali Taha, Director Training and Qualification Directorate, MoI congratulating the course participants in the successful completion of the advanced course. He also expressed his gratitude to UNDP and Danish Police for on going efforts to strengthen the capacity of Iraqi Police and Interior Ministry.

Course participants expressed that the course content imparted useful learnings both in terms of new knowledge and skills, that will help to establish themselves as skilled and confident trainers within Iraqi Police and, to deliver trainings to their peers active in the operational context.  One of the female participants said, “as a female officer, the course provided a useful reflection to the valuable role female police officers can play in Iraq, specifically in maintaining trusted relations/ partnerships with communities that is critical to crime prevention”.

UNDP Senior Police Advisor, Finn Bernth Andersen, congratulating the advance course participants said, “they will be a precursor to the IELP rollout nationwide in the coming months and, UNDP looks forward to continue its collaboration with MoI in this important work, that will allow a gradual handing over of delivery of training courses to qualified Iraqi trainers”. He also emphasized that this approach is critical to ensure Iraqi ownership and sustainability of this important work for the longer term.

UNDP is grateful to Denmark for their generous funding in efforts to improve local Police in Iraq. UNDP is also grateful to the high caliber Danish National Police Instructors who helped design and deliver the course.

For additional information, contact:

Ms. Chamila Hemmathagama, Rule of Law/SSR Programme Manager: (m) +964 751 184 3529.

Finn Bernth Andersen, Senior Police Advisor: (m) +964 770 811 7308.

Mohammed Al-Bahbahanee, Communications Specialist, (m) +964 770 439 9222.

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