Baghdad, 7 July 2020  – The Government of Germany has committed USD 1.13 million to support the Government of Iraq strengthen its criminal investigations and crime scene management under a new project in partnership with UNDP Iraq.

Strengthening Criminal Investigations and Crime Scene Management Capacities in Iraq aims to increase the reliability and effectiveness of criminal investigations, ensuring they are well integrated and proactively conducted by local police. It will also improve the performance of police investigators, making their role in criminal investigations more accountable. 

Activities under this project include comprehensive training sessions for investigating officers from local police stations, relevant directorates, and investigating judges.

"This generous contribution will support Iraqi stakeholders to advance ongoing efforts to improve local safety and security through better crime management and local policing," said Resident Representative of UNDP Iraq, Zena Ali Ahmad. "Public safety and security lie at the heart of Iraq's transition to long-term stability, recovery and development, so we are extremely grateful to the Government of Germany for its continued support,” she adds. 

German Ambassador, Dr. Ole Diehl stressed that "this contribution from Germany will   assist in advancing capacities of police forces and judicial authorities in Iraq and thereby create conditions to restore public safety and security for all Iraqis as well as enhance longer-term stability." 

Major General Talib Khalil Rahi, Forensics Director of the Ministry of Interior, stated “the focus on improving local police and criminal justice services is essential to transit from a state engaged in protracted conflict to a post-war era of stability and recovery.” 

The new contribution aligns with identified priorities within the Government of Iraq's Security Sector Reform aimed at improving criminal justice and local policing. 

The project will be implemented by the UNDP Security Sector Reform and Rule of Law Programme which has been instrumental in supporting the Government of Iraq's Security Sector Reform Programme, in partnerships with the Office of the National Security Advisor, Ministry of Interior and the Police Affairs Agency, Local Police, Higher Judicial Council, Ministry of Justice and Iraqi civil society organisations and other international donors.


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